SkyHigh Security: Cloud Confidence Unleashed!

With the increasing reliance on cloud services and the rising cybersecurity threats, it has become imperative for ship management companies to safeguard their valuable data and ensure uninterrupted operations. That's where Skyhigh Security comes in, enabling your remote workforce while providing robust cloud, web, data, and network security.

We understand the vital importance of data security in the maritime industry, where sensitive information such as crew details, vessel specifications, and operational data must be protected at all costs. That's why we are confident that Skyhigh Security's comprehensive and integrated cloud security platform will be a perfect fit for your ship management operations.

Here are the key benefits of partnering with Skyhigh Security:

  • Protect Your Sensitive Data: Skyhigh Security's advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technology offers consolidated data protection across various applications, including the web, cloud, email, and private apps. You can collaborate with ease across all platforms, knowing your sensitive information is secure.
  • Enable Your Remote Workforce: Embrace the modern way of working and empower your remote workforce to improve productivity and efficiency. Skyhigh Security's secure web gateway solution ensures your workforce is protected from zero-day threats while accessing the web and cloud applications.
  • Consolidate Your Security in One Platform: Say goodbye to multiple security solutions and reduce your total cost of ownership. Skyhigh Security offers a cloud-native single platform that efficiently manages all your cloud security needs, including Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Private Access (ZTNA), and Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform.
  • Recognized Industry Leader: Skyhigh Security has been named a Visionary in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Security Service Edge. They are trusted by more than 3000 customers globally, including 80% of global banks and 25% of Fortune 500 companies.
  • Awards and Recognition: Skyhigh Security has received prestigious accolades, such as the Gartner® Critical Capabilities for Security Service Edge, Peer Insights™ Customers' Choice, and Global InfoSec Awards.