AmourShield Coatings: Armor Mastery in Every Molecule!

Amourshield, a renowned provider of high-performance marine and protective coatings.

As the representative of Amourshield in the Indian market, our company, Oceanqwest aims to offer you top-notch services that cater to your ship management and shipbuilding needs.

With extensive experience in the marine and protective coatings industry, Amourshield's coatings are widely recognized for their outstanding ability to protect steel and concrete structures. Their coatings have been used globally in various sectors, including oil and gas production, refining, petrochemical, marine and offshore operations, water treatment, infrastructure maintenance, and manufacturing.

To meet the diverse needs of the Marine and Oil & Gas industries, Amourshield offers a wide range of products and paint systems. Whether it is for new buildings, maintenance, or dry dockings, our coating systems provide the best possible protection for vessels and structures. Some of our popular products include Amourguard (Tar-Free), Amourguard ME, AmourMastic, and AmourMastic HB.

Here's a list of solutions that Amourshield Coatings offer:

  • Advanced Shielding Solutions for Offshore Platforms
  • Cutting-Edge Coatings Empowering Oil Refineries
  • Preserving Against Corrosion in Water Tanks
  • Elevated Durability Through Bridge Coatings